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The Applied Epistemology Library Forum Index
The Applied Epistemology Library - Registration Agreement Terms

The following are the basic rules of membership. If you agree, click on 'I Agree to these terms' at page bottom and then follow the simple procedures to follow. If you have any problems, please e-mail the Librarian.
  1. All the material on this site is confidential. We don�t mean esoteric or classified or anything like that.just confidential. Basically that means, unless you get the permission of the originator, it stays within the confines of the site. If you are bursting to tell all your friends about the wondrous stuff you learn here, tell em to join.
  2. The tone of discourse is �British Club Class�. Generally we are polite but rudeness is permitted so long as it�s funny. Nasty people will be just thrown out (unless they�re supremely talented). Swearing and general vulgarity is acceptable but remember we have a lot of American members who are easily upset. There is one rule that is very important. If somebody is clearly advancing a new theory, nobody is permitted to rubbish it � on the contrary you are earnestly enjoined to be as supportive as possible. Rubbishing comes later.
  3. Our discussion threads are immortal. That is they just keep winding away, sometimes taking off, sometimes sinking into oblivion. It is recommended that you scamper through them from time to time (especially the ones on subjects you didn�t think you were interested in�you�ll be surprised how they jog your interest because, in Applied Epistemology, we are only concerned with very basic knowledge). Anything you can contribute, no matter how obscure and how �long ago� in the discussion (they are deliberately undated), will likely jog somebody else�s brain. That�s the way serendipitous discoveries work. And we rely on them.
  4. We recommend you use Google or other sources of research but you are not permitted to just plonk down an URL or a book reference or whatever. Nobody can be bothered to look up references in this bewilderingly evanescent world of ours. It�s your job to fillet the material and stick down, in your own words, the relevant things you wish to convey.
  5. Members are encouraged to e-mail one another, so (unless you have a very good reason) you should post an e-mail address. You can post under your own name or a pseudonym but, please, the same name all the time. We rather like silly avatars and have adopted Great Minds of the Past as standard devices. If you post a lot you will eventually be awarded one from stock but you can provide your own if you prefer. Anybody who posts smilies, uses acronyms to stand in for plain English or otherwise pollutes this site with juvenile excrescencies will be taken out and shot. Plain English is de rigueur. Anyone caught using academese will be tortured before being shot.
  6. We have a definite house-style for posting and you will be obliged to conform. Because reading from the screen is not particularly easy, we employ a tabloid form: a series of short paragraphs, separated by a line-space. And not particularly long posts either � keep it one idea per post, you can always put up a sequence of posts. This is in your interest because nobody reads a vast wodge of words from a screen. If you are dyslexic (and many of our best people are) you can expect your material to be lightly edited but your words will not otherwise be tampered with. If you are not dyslexic but just a bad speller, ditto�sometimes. However if you are just plain dumb or boring or generally getting in the way, you�ll have your posting rights taken away.

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