Applied Epistemology Library

Here at the Applied Epistemological Library, we're anxious to get hold of people who don't ordinarily post to internet discussions sites. If you take the plunge you'll find it an oddly rewarding subculture. Hence there’s quite a lot of possibly unnecessarily detailed advice here.

  1. Generally speaking, you can post to any thread. Whenever you want to keep abreast of a particular thread click the Watch this topic for replies button and you will receive an e-mail telling you somebody has posted to that thread. In order to post anywhere, you have to be a signed-up member after reading and abiding by these rules here and then sending an e-mail here.
  2. When you want to contribute to a particular thread, press Post Reply under the last posting. This will bring you to a blank square within which you write your thoughts. When you have finished, you can see what this will look like by pressing Preview and if this seems OK, then click Submit. This will enter your post permanently on the website.
  3. However if you have second thoughts you will still be able to delete it by pressing Delete or edit by pressing Edit on your post. Until somebody else posts something in which case you will lose the ability to Delete (email us if you are so mortified that you want it deleted) though you will still be able to amend your post (a little message to that effect will appear.)
  4. When you are writing in the white box, you can scroll down the page and discover the last dozen or so posts laid out for you. This allows you to quote other people when replying to points raised by them. You do this by finding their words and highlighting them (stick the cursor on the first letter and then holding down the left button of your mouse move the cursor to the last letter and let go of the left button, this `highlights' all the words you want). Once you've highlighted what you want, copy and paste. [You do this by going to the top of your computer screen after highlighting the text you want and clicking on Edit which should bring up Copy; as soon as you click on Copy this enters the highlighted words into your computer's memory. Now move the cursor back to your own post, return to Edit and this time clicking on it brings up Paste. By clicking Paste the highlighted words magically appear in your own writing square. Highlight them again and press Quote (one of the boxes above the square). This will render the quote in a nice bold red shortened typeface when you come to preview or submit your piece. Yeah, it sounds complicated but laboratory chimps master the technique effortlessly in about ten minutes.
  5. The other editing boxes do other stuff that you can find out for yourself by experimentation or asking us.
  6. You are encouraged to take up issues from way back in the thread. To do this go to the post itself and press Quote. This will give you a box with all the words in that post. Highlight and copy what you want and then paste it in your own box.
  7. Make absolutely sure that anybody coming fresh to the thread will know who or what you are commenting on (if it's a long time back in the current thread, indicate the page it originally appeared on as well as sufficient quoted material for everybody to know what you are going on about).
  8. If you've got some new topic you'd like to bring to everybody's attention, try very hard to find somewhere it vaguely fits in. In fact, make it fit in. That will be your first lesson in how intellectual advance works: it starts in your brain when you try to make what's new connect with what's already there.
  9. But if you really can't, then go to the New Concepts Link and select New Topic, give it a heading that conveys the gist of your beef and then fire away. You'll be in rough control of this new thread which involves various rights and duties which we'll tell you about should it happen.