A Message from the Librarian

The Applied Epistemology Library is here to provide you with something that’s been sorely lacking in your life thus far, intellectual excitement. It does this in two ways:

  1. By introducing you to new theories -- not weird stuff, not obscure academic hypotheses, but theories which are guaranteed novel and either closely evidenced or chock-full of common sense. As an adjunct to this work, we naturally spend quite a bit of time rubbishing orthodox theories, the stuff you believe already, things you fondly supposed to be pretty much “self-evidently true”. You’ll be quite surprised to find out how many things festering in your brain are not just false, but downright silly. Though whether you find getting rid of these cherished assumptions “intellectually exciting” is a matter of personal temperament. A lot of people just run away, laughing or crying.

  2. By unleashing your own personal Pursuit of Truth. Yes, that’s right, you too can come up with brand new theories – and let’s face it you haven’t produced a single one so far in your rather pedestrian life. Actually, you probably aren’t talented enough to be able to do so even after all our efforts. But never mind. You will still experience the unendurable excitement of the chase as you undertake the Applied Epistemological way of learning things and, this we can pretty much guarantee, you will actually help fill in missing pieces in what are still very nascent theories.
    Alternatively you can just watch while others make these momentous advances. Or watch to see why they so stubbornly refuse to advance. And the reason will likely apply to you too - we have all spent so much time and effort acquiring our current stock of knowledge that most of the time wild horses won't force us to jettison the old in favour of the new. Applied Epistemology is all about teaching you how to do this despite yourself.

    When you feel the time is ripe to join the hurly-burly by posting stuff up yourself rather than just reading others you'll have to agree to abide by the Rules of Engagement which can be found here